About Me

My Belief System

Aside from being a graphic designer, marketer, brand expert, and consultant, I’m a health nut! Yes, I admit it! Health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition have always been a part of my life, but I’m one of those people who kind of take it to an extreme. Regardless, it’s as much a part of my philosophy for life as being a genuine, kind person or being honest and fair. It’s important to me! It’s a lifestyle I chose.

My Experience

As for the designer and marketer side of me, I’ve been doing that for over 25 years. Geez, am I that old? I’ve worked for, done projects for, and consulted for tiny mom-and-pop businesses to Fortune 500+ corporations. Each one with different necessities, ideas, and requirements. And each one bringing me different experiences — some good, some not so good. But we enjoyed the good and learned from the not so good.

My Skill Set

There are specific software programs and apps which I use every day, while others I use often, and some I don’t use very much but have knowledge on how to use. Below are some of them.

My Skills In Software

Adobe Photoshop

(20 years EXP: Photoshop is so large, there is always something more you can learn.)

Adobe Illustrator

(17 years EXP: From illustration to logos, you can’t go wrong using Illustrator.)

Adobe InDesign

(15 years EXP: I use it every day!)

Microsoft Office

(From presentations to spreadsheets to documents, I’ve done them all!)


(I’ve been a partner with Infusionsoft for almost 10 years, and created TONS of campaigns.)

My Skills In Administration

Marketing Director

(Directed teams and individual projects.)

Art Direction

(Directed many projects from small to large.)


(I’m good at finding out your “why” and how that relates to the world.)

Project Management

(Comes with every project.)

Contact Information

Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Phone: 208.757.0667

Email: matt@fortisdesigns.com

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